The Evolution of Technology

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It’s no longer science fiction – it’s just science. To think that so much science begins with science fiction – and all creation begins with imagination. Science fiction writers of the last century imagined technological possibilities, many of which seemed like pipe dreams but have become reality because scientists put time and effort into figuring out how to make them work.

Technology is evolving rapidly – my grandchildren will laugh at me when I tell them I was just a kid when the internet became mainstream, and you’d turn on a computer and the only thing you’d see was a C prompt. They’ll just look at me with confusion in their eyes and ask “what’s a computer?”

Technology is always shifting forms, becoming simpler, more efficient, more effective, more versatile and more integrated. We’re at this wonderful vantage point in our own evolution where we’re no longer looking at ANYTHING as impossible because 100 years ago, hell 50 years ago, you could have told someone what our technology looks like now and they would have laughed in your face.

Locked you up.

Violently opposed your outrageous claims.

Now people are asking themselves, “what’s next? What impossibilities of today can be the possibilities of tomorrow?” The future is limited only by the furthest reaches of our imagination.

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