Hey, Woman

Hey, Woman.

I know sometimes you hurt, and often you don’t even know why. I know that after the days where you feel unstoppable there are always the days where you feel like you’ve failed at everything and nothing can make it better, not even chocolate. I know that sometimes those feelings of self-doubt (and even self-loathing) can become so omnipresent that it feels like the only truth that exists any more.

I know that a simple comment or a look from someone can either put a jet pack to your day or set it on fire and watch it crumble into ruins.

I know regret.

I know that sometimes you agonize over something that you did for days, wishing you could spin the hands of the clock back to have another go at a defining moment that could have made everyone look at you with admiration in their eyes. Instead you’re left with nothing but dust and ash that was once hope, caught in a cycle of forever kicking yourself over the mistakes you made.

I know.

But I also know that mistakes are never mistakes, they are actually tiny seeds that are being planted that just haven’t had the chance to break the surface yet. They feel like pain and taste like glass in your mouth but that’s only because you haven’t had the chance to heal yet. You can’t heal if you haven’t hurt, and seeds can’t grow if there was never a barrier for them to break through; a dark gestation place that made them reach for light.

Keep reaching. Just because you can’t see it yet doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.


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