Three Moms

Many years ago on Mother’s Day, I wrote this poem. Today I decided to pull it out, dust it off, and share. I’m feeling thankful to have another Mother’s day with all three of these amazing women in my life.


Three Moms

Some girls, they never know their mom —
They never get the chance.
They lose her early on in life;
It’s just the circumstance.

Some girls they have a mom that hurts,
That teaches her to fight —
She grows up only knowing
How to argue every night.

Some girls, they have a lovely mom
Who’s there through thick and thin;
She’s there to hold her hand through
Every loss and every win.

But me, I have a special mom,
A mom that’s very rare.
I have not one, but three great moms
Each one beyond compare.


First, there’s Granny Mo, you know,
The sweetest mama bear:
She’s the one in all the world
Who’ll always be right there.

Without this special woman
And the choices that she made,
We wouldn’t all be here now
And this family would fade.

Grandma, you’re the world to me —
You are my lucky star,
You’re my cheese and pickled onions
And my favorite cookie jar.


Next of course, there’s Mary;
Of you I’ll always boast.
You make me feel so welcome
You’re the hostess with the most.

Whenever I’ve been struggling
And life becomes a strain
You never stop encouraging
Me to work through all my pain.

I always feel supported
And loved when you’re around
You’re one of the best friends in life
That I have ever found.


And then of course there’s you, Mom,
You’re like no one else I know;
You never seem to cease from
Always helping me to grow.

I always felt encouraged
To just be myself and do
The things that make me happy,
And to find my own world view.

You raised me to be strong
And to hold my head up high;
You handed me the keys to life and said,
“You go and fly.”


Thank you each for helping me
To come out of my shell,
And thank you, too, for loving me even
When I didn’t excel.

Thank you three for listening
When I was full of qualms
I owe my heart to each of you
My three amazing moms.

Together you have painted
With your brushes on my life
Splattered vibrant colors gently
With your palette knife.

Together, you’re the world to me
The lens that I see through —
It’s clear to me that moms like mine
Are far between, and few.

I thank you all, my three moms
From the bottom of my heart;
Because of you my canvas has
Become a work of art.

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    So beautifully said Tien!

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